Friday, 11 March 2016

weekly blog reflection

This week we did some coding with Mr walker in Room 12,  it was quite fun because we had to help the angry birds by catching the bad pig. My biggest challenge was finding tens in decimals but now I kind of get it, but would still like a bit more practise.  My favourite thing I did this week was cartoon drawing, I liked it because I love to draw but I struggle with drawing faces, I am way better at drawing faces now than I was before.  We also did the disappearing act, in the act I had a piggyback on Grace and then we would stay still and some one would stop the video and I would get off  her back while the video is not running and hide.  You don't have to hide well! I hid behind a tree and once I was ready we would play  another video, so it looked as though I had disappeared.  We uploaded it to Imovie, its on my blog already for you to look at! I'm really looking forward to making more movies!

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