Friday, 2 December 2016

this week was great. On Monday, we had the cheerleaders display juniors and seniors. also we had an olympics  rower from new Zealand that played in the Olympics and got a silver medal. On Tuesday, we went in to room 4 and did some Christmas activities with a buddy (room for person) my buddy was liam and my little sister sacha, the activities were a  Rudolph pot plant and a Christmas tree that was decorated with sparkles. On Wednesday, we did some personification poetry about nature I chose to write about the bark spreading out its wings when the children through the bark. On Thursday was Tech Arts again in sewing I had finished my pillow and in cooking we had Mrs story and made brownie it was good but maybe a bit to rich and next week is the Tech Arts concert.   

Friday, 25 November 2016

weekly reflection week 7 term 4

This week was amazing week got our social dance invites they were really cool Mrs Gibson White made them. For camp we went to Mi camp lots of  people were tired  from camp well I know I was definitely!On camp my activity group was Flynn Isaac Ty Liam G Ben B Zara Leah Ava Tayla and Myself, at raft building the boys had a team and the girls had a team the man who was controlling raft building he said our raft was the best he had seen.  Camp was absolutely amazing on Thursday at camp it was meant to rain all day so Mr Walker organized to go to Debrets water park and that night we watched a movie. In tech arts sewing I started to sew the hashtag in my pocket and in food tech we had Mrs N as our teacher because or other teacher was sick. We made calazone pizza they were a 10 out of 10. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

weekly reflection

This week was great. On Monday, we did social dance and we learnt the circle waltz. On Tuesday, we went to the library I started the 36 story tree house book (the third on in the series.) On Wednesday,  I went to do a gloss test with Mrs N and I got quite far in the test I was very proud of my self.  On Thursday, we had tech arts again in sewing I finish cutting the hashtag and pocket, in cooking we make chocolate cookies. 

Friday, 28 October 2016

weekly reflection term 4 week 3

 This week was great. On Monday, we didn't have school because it public holiday (labor weekend.) On Tuesday, went to the library and I started the 3rd book in the tree house series currently its the 36 story tree house. On Wednesday, we did some work on our CV's and I am finished with mine. On Thursday, we had tech arts, in sequin we started to sketch and rule out our designs, in food tech we made pinwheel scones they were really nice.

Friday, 21 October 2016

weekly blog reflection

This week was great. On Monday we had social dance and we learnt a new one. On Tuesday we had puberty it was dusting I did not like it. On Wednesday we started to write our practice CV's I'm thinking about being a hair dresser.On Thursday we had food tech and made nacho's, and in sewing I has figured out what to make I am making a pillow                                                            with a pocket in the front, it is                                                            made out of  fluffy material. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Weekly reflection Term 4 Week 1

This week was the BEST week because, it was term four the last term for the year term 4. On Monday we started with the first session social dance the theme is winter wonder land. On Tuesday was probably the best Tuesday I have ever had it was AG day! I got three ribbons 2nd for calling, 3rd for dress up I did batman and I got 4th for raring in the late group. On Wednesday we had counselor  and house captain speeches I tried out for house captain but I didn't get in. On Thursday we had Tech Arts I'm doing sewing and cooking we made mousetraps and a smoothie.

Friday, 23 September 2016

blog reflection week 9 term 3

This week was great. On Monday, we did a math bingo. On Tuesday, we did some writing frame up ad my  picture was a butterfly and my buddy was Lucy we had to find some adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns. On Wednesday, we started our inquiry for this term me Lucy and Marnie we had to upgrade a game or invent a knew one. On Thursday, we didn't have tech arts so instead we had  Auckland college to our school to perform  

Friday, 26 August 2016

This was a great week. On Monday, we had Mrs Ngapo she also teaches sewing in tech art. On Tuesday, we went to the library and right now I am reading the first book in  tree house series by Andy griffins. On Wednesday, we wrote some more narrative about a     fruit I choose a water-melon 
On Thursday we had tech arts 
and Our group started melting 
our project.   

Friday, 5 August 2016

term 3 week 2

This week was great. On Monday we started writing our speech my topic is, are we looking after our animals properly? On Tuesday we did our express
yourself interpret that rotation with Mr walker drama we learnt slow motion. On Wednesday we finished o our success writing Mrs Gibson White had a cool idea to put them a graduation hats. On Thursday we had tech art in visual arts and I have drew a herein bird. I found my speech challenging this week. 

Friday, 29 July 2016

This week was the first week of term 3. We had our first inquiry rotation, Mrs pemberton and Mr walker do drama, Mrs N does dance. started writing our speeches as well my topic is are we looking after our animals probably. On Thursday we ha dour first tech                                                                           arts rotation I do wood tech and                                                          visual art.   

Friday, 1 July 2016

weekly reflection term 2 week 9

This week on Thursday we had the Tech Arts concert. I did media arts with Mr Walker and music with Mr Gemmell. For the first song Cheap Thrills, I played the keyboard with Leah and for the second song I played on the drums. It was a fun afternoon because I love music. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Term 2 Proud Moment

Term 2 Proud Moment

This term I am proud of my science board and it came out better then I expect. It looks really cool with the little bacteria critters floating round on my board. I think my science board will stand out because my                                       background color is yellow.                                               
This term I am proud of the tough kid challenge I came eighth my placing was better than I thought it was going to be. My favorite obstacle was the mud run I perilously fell over in the mud then   
belly flopped then curled through it,

This term I am proud of my pride beads I have got two star beds, lots of opportunities. I have heaps of beads and we have only have had three sessions  to give the bride beads out. 

Friday, 17 June 2016

weekly reflection

On Monday we had the career expo it was very exciting when I'm older the career I am think of being a vet. On Tuesday I did some work on my science fair work my science fair question is, who has more bacteria in there mouth dogs cat or humans. On Wednesday we did vivid vocab the word was sinewy a very funny word it means strong and tough. On Thursday day we had tech art our song is coming together very well, for media art I'm doing Room 4 for the year book.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Career Expo

  Career Expo

On Monday do we went to Hamilton and visited the career expo. At the the career expo I was surprised about one thing in the army there is 103 jobs. The jobs I thought might be cool was                                              the the audio and film, vet, zoo keeper. We had 20 questions to answer in a booklet that Mrs Vandy gave us.

Thursday, 9 June 2016



The Water Cycle Explanation

The water cycle is very important to us because we would be dead without it.
When it is raining on the grass, it makes the grass grow. Then the animals eat  the grass which they need to survive.    

Evaporation starts when there is water on the ground (like a puddle).
The heat from the sun causes heat energy and then it hits the puddle,
that is when evaporation starts. Invisible gas then floats up into the clouds.

This stage is when the water has floated up and then it goes and joins into a cloud or forms its own cloud. Condensation happens in two or less days. The liquid water becomes water vapour.

Even heavy downpours can still be in the tropics, blizzards in the north east, daylong drizzles in the pacific northwest because of the different precipitation. Any falling weather such as rain, hail and snow is precipitation.

I am very happy that we have the water cycle because without it we would be dead.

All about oceans and seas  23/05/2016

Evaporation of liquids   24/05/2016   

National  geographic condensation  24/05/2016

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

week reflection

This week was a good week. My biggest challenge was the math I was a quite confused with the times tables algorithm. The most fun for me this week was doing my personal inquiry model. I am looking ford to the career expo next week I'm looking ford to see what career I will be able to do when I'm older.

Friday, 20 May 2016

How does a volcano erupt

weekly blog reflection

This week was great. On Monday we had Room Four come in to our class and we learnt about the water cycle. On Tuesday we made PRIDE beads when some play a sport or does and opportunity they will get a bead and put it on our strings. On Wednesday worked on our volcano explanation writing. On Thursday we did tech art and we started doing our song the song is called cheap thrills I am on the key board with Leah.  

Monday, 9 May 2016

Monkeys Report


Monkeys are strange creatures the can be very entertaining and quite funny.  Monkeys have 264 known species. Apes are not a species of monkeys. They are a completely different animal, to monkeys.

Monkeys eat seven meals a day. They eat chow three times a day, sometimes they eat wholemeal, vitamins, vegetables, water, and either small amounts of nuts or apples. It is important for us to follow our own diet but for a monkey they are at risk of developing type two of diabetes if fed inappropriately.

Monkeys tend to live in the forest, grasslands, high plains and also mountain habitats. They spend most of their time and lives in trees.

A monkey's behaviour depends on their species. Like humans, mother monkeys do the same. When they cuddle with their child they feel loved. Monkeys  express themselves or to warn other monkeys there is impending danger.

Monkey are one of my favorite animals because they are quite funny. The smallest monkey weight 4.2kg.


What do monkeys eat

Monkey habitat

Fun monkey facts for kids

What is a monkey behaviour like

What do monkeys usually weight

Measurement mini Olympics 

On Monday the 9/05/2016 we did measurement mini olympics. We did six activities they are...   Paper plate discus, Drinking straw javelin,     Cotton ball shot put, Right-handed marble grab, Left-handed sponge squeeze and Big foot contest.


Friday, 6 May 2016

week blog reflection term 2

Weekly Blog reflection term 2 week 1.

This week we did our first science rotations, Mr Walker did clouds Mrs N did how to make quick sand and Mrs Vandy did the water cycle. For writing we did explanation writing about volcanoes. On Wednesday we house captain and deputy speeches  I got in as deputy for Tui. On Thursday we did our first tech arts lesson I did music and visual art. We found out if the baby was girl or a boy, Mrs Vandy make a sponge cake with white icing it would either have pink or blue and it was pink and I guessed that was a girl!
I got chosen to be a PAL by Mrs Vandy a PAL is a leader that runs games for the year one and twos at lunch time.    

Friday, 8 April 2016

weekly reflection

This week was a great week. I had the most fun doing a touch typing session,  because we found out all of these short cuts like Ctrl and H comes up with your history, in my opinion these shortcuts come in   very handy. I learnt how to make a little short movie, the link to my stop motion is down below. This week on Wednesday I had my learning conference, I think it went very well.  Mum and Dad both came to my learning conference, they are really pleased with how I am learning.  I am excited for next week because it is the last week.  

Friday, 18 March 2016

reflection week 7

This week was a great week in Room 14. On  Monday we did life education video but half way through it got all scratchy. On Tuesday we learnt our six times tables at first it was quite confusing but now I'm kinda getting the hang of the times tables, but maybe a little bit more practice. On Wednesday we did some math maintenance and learning how to write a report. On Thursday we did another session of coding, it is a language in the computer you type some and the laptop will do it.  I am on set N for spelling. My biggest challenge was the bridges but also fun. also on Thursday we went in the life education   truck it was very interesting. I am looking forward to Harold again next week                             

Friday, 11 March 2016

The disaperring act

The disappearing act 

weekly blog reflection

This week we did some coding with Mr walker in Room 12,  it was quite fun because we had to help the angry birds by catching the bad pig. My biggest challenge was finding tens in decimals but now I kind of get it, but would still like a bit more practise.  My favourite thing I did this week was cartoon drawing, I liked it because I love to draw but I struggle with drawing faces, I am way better at drawing faces now than I was before.  We also did the disappearing act, in the act I had a piggyback on Grace and then we would stay still and some one would stop the video and I would get off  her back while the video is not running and hide.  You don't have to hide well! I hid behind a tree and once I was ready we would play  another video, so it looked as though I had disappeared.  We uploaded it to Imovie, its on my blog already for you to look at! I'm really looking forward to making more movies!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The disaperring act

The disaperring act

My fair inquiry refletion

For  our  inquiry  this  term, we had to work together to create a fair stall. The focus was on how well we worked together.

On the night of the fair,my fair stall made a total profit of $226 I think it went well because, everyone got on there shift at the right time no one came late for there shift.Daily Group Work Reflections for our Fair Project

Daily Group Work Reflections for our Fair Project

My name: Breea
Other members in my group: Tyler, myself, Grace, Brad, Zanthe
Our fair stall: terrariums

Date: 22/02/2016
Reflection (What went well today? What do I need to do better? What do we need to focus on tomorrow? How could my team work more effectively together next time?): I thought we communicated very well and everyone got to say something and everyone is bringing something. All of us agreed on the first go nice and easy

Star Rating for Today’s Group Work
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Date: 23/02/2016
Reflection (What went well today? What do I need to do better? What do we need to focus on tomorrow? How could my team work more effectively together next time?): Today we started do the sample terrariums but two of the terrariums sample ones for sale now because they look very cool and cute. I didn't think they would be that hard but all that matters is that it is was fun.   

Star Rating for Today’s Group Work
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Date: 03/03/2016
Reflection (What went well today? What do I need to do better? What do we need to focus on tomorrow? How could my team work more effectively together next time?): We have finished our signage. we had got an idea which is friendship necklaces we were meant to make 20 terrariums but we ending up making 30. 

Star Rating for Today’s Group Work
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Our Assessment and Learning Rubric
Our Rich Learning TaskStudents will complete a self, group, peer assessment booklet which allows reflection of each session on how their active listening, putting school values into practise. Students will complete a group project which meets a need at the School Fair, getting feedback from the relevant stakeholders, including the PTA.
Yellow Highlight = Self AssessmentT = Teacher Assessment
Level 2 (Novice)Level 3 (Apprentice)Level 4 (Practitioner)Level 5 (Expert)
Active Listening•I rarely actively listen to others.
•I struggle to ask questions about what others are saying.
•I find it hard to repeat what others have said.
•I sometimes actively listen to others.
•I occasionally ask questions about what others have said.
•I paraphrase what others have said every now and then .
•I often actively listen to others.
•I usually ask questions about what others have said.
•I can paraphrase what others have said most of the time. (T)
•I actively think deeply about what others are saying.
•I can ask questions about what they have said.
•I can paraphrase what others have said.
Group Work•I rarely work constructively in a group to achieve a result.
•I take on easier roles during group work. E.g. getting the resources.
•I work constructively in a group every now an then to achieve a result.
•I take on slightly harder roles during group work. E.g. Recording
•I mostly work constructively in a group to achieve a result.
•I take on more difficult roles roles during group work.
e.g. Presenting work in public (T)
•I can work constructively in a group to achieve a result.
•I take on challenging roles during group work e.g. Leader of group.
Sharing Ideas•I rarely share my ideas and opinions.
•I hardly encourage others to share their views.
•I struggle to accept others different ideas and opinions.
•I often share my ideas and opinions.
•I sometimes encourage others to share their views.
•I am beginning to accept others different ideas and opinions. (T)
•I share my ideas and opinions most of the time.
•I regularly encourage others to share their views.
•I accept others different ideas and opinions most of the time.
•Ican share my ideas and opinions clearly.
•I encourage others to share their views.
•I can accept that others may have different ideas and opinions.
Co-operate with Others•I struggle to know when it’s appropriate to co-operate with others.
•I rarely help others to co-operate with others.
•I am beginning to co-operate with others.
•I sometimes help others to co-operate with others.
•I co-operate with others most of the time.
•I usually help others to co-operate with others. (T)
•I know when it’s appropriate to co-operate with others.
•I always help others to co-operate with others.

Friday, 4 March 2016

the flower

Flower sprouts out of its seed. Entering the earth,the flower glances and bows down and the microscopic ants peeking through the grass looking for food before winter sprinkle snow.

weekly reflection week five

Image result for fairThis week have been doing a lot of fair stuff. I am doing Terrariums for the fair we are doing these friendship bottles with colorful sand they look amazing. The people in my group are Grace, Zanthe,Brad and Tyler. I am looking forward to the fair because there are heaps of new games. Everyone had a job Grace and I did
Image result for terrariumsthe sign, while Tyler, Brad and Zanthe did the terrariums we were meant to make twenty terrariums but when we were making everyone said those are cool so we ended up making twenty five. ;)

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Today I made a graph

I made a graph about year 8 students saying there super power if the had one.