Friday, 20 May 2016

How does a volcano erupt

weekly blog reflection

This week was great. On Monday we had Room Four come in to our class and we learnt about the water cycle. On Tuesday we made PRIDE beads when some play a sport or does and opportunity they will get a bead and put it on our strings. On Wednesday worked on our volcano explanation writing. On Thursday we did tech art and we started doing our song the song is called cheap thrills I am on the key board with Leah.  

Monday, 9 May 2016

Monkeys Report


Monkeys are strange creatures the can be very entertaining and quite funny.  Monkeys have 264 known species. Apes are not a species of monkeys. They are a completely different animal, to monkeys.

Monkeys eat seven meals a day. They eat chow three times a day, sometimes they eat wholemeal, vitamins, vegetables, water, and either small amounts of nuts or apples. It is important for us to follow our own diet but for a monkey they are at risk of developing type two of diabetes if fed inappropriately.

Monkeys tend to live in the forest, grasslands, high plains and also mountain habitats. They spend most of their time and lives in trees.

A monkey's behaviour depends on their species. Like humans, mother monkeys do the same. When they cuddle with their child they feel loved. Monkeys  express themselves or to warn other monkeys there is impending danger.

Monkey are one of my favorite animals because they are quite funny. The smallest monkey weight 4.2kg.


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Measurement mini Olympics 

On Monday the 9/05/2016 we did measurement mini olympics. We did six activities they are...   Paper plate discus, Drinking straw javelin,     Cotton ball shot put, Right-handed marble grab, Left-handed sponge squeeze and Big foot contest.


Friday, 6 May 2016

week blog reflection term 2

Weekly Blog reflection term 2 week 1.

This week we did our first science rotations, Mr Walker did clouds Mrs N did how to make quick sand and Mrs Vandy did the water cycle. For writing we did explanation writing about volcanoes. On Wednesday we house captain and deputy speeches  I got in as deputy for Tui. On Thursday we did our first tech arts lesson I did music and visual art. We found out if the baby was girl or a boy, Mrs Vandy make a sponge cake with white icing it would either have pink or blue and it was pink and I guessed that was a girl!
I got chosen to be a PAL by Mrs Vandy a PAL is a leader that runs games for the year one and twos at lunch time.