Friday, 28 October 2016

weekly reflection term 4 week 3

 This week was great. On Monday, we didn't have school because it public holiday (labor weekend.) On Tuesday, went to the library and I started the 3rd book in the tree house series currently its the 36 story tree house. On Wednesday, we did some work on our CV's and I am finished with mine. On Thursday, we had tech arts, in sequin we started to sketch and rule out our designs, in food tech we made pinwheel scones they were really nice.

Friday, 21 October 2016

weekly blog reflection

This week was great. On Monday we had social dance and we learnt a new one. On Tuesday we had puberty it was dusting I did not like it. On Wednesday we started to write our practice CV's I'm thinking about being a hair dresser.On Thursday we had food tech and made nacho's, and in sewing I has figured out what to make I am making a pillow                                                            with a pocket in the front, it is                                                            made out of  fluffy material. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Weekly reflection Term 4 Week 1

This week was the BEST week because, it was term four the last term for the year term 4. On Monday we started with the first session social dance the theme is winter wonder land. On Tuesday was probably the best Tuesday I have ever had it was AG day! I got three ribbons 2nd for calling, 3rd for dress up I did batman and I got 4th for raring in the late group. On Wednesday we had counselor  and house captain speeches I tried out for house captain but I didn't get in. On Thursday we had Tech Arts I'm doing sewing and cooking we made mousetraps and a smoothie.