Friday, 19 May 2017

weekly reflection W3T2


On Monday we started a RPM group for math in the the group is Julia, Sharnika, Jack, Jordan and I. in the group I learnt there is 1,000 milliliter in a liter. On Tuesday I was sick. On Wednesday I started to write my animal report the animal I choose is a beaver. On Thursday we had tech arts first we had media arts Leah and I, started to make our sustainability movie. Next we had sewing I started  to make my mermaid tail I choose the colour green for the tail and a flowery fin at the end.

Friday, 12 May 2017

weekly reflection W2T2


This week the councilors and  I, went to NYLD (national young leader day.) I thought  this day was gonna be activities but there was lots of cool speakers

But there was one  game, the hosts had two soccer balls that were filled up with air and then the  hots split the crowd into two teams. Next we hit the the two soccer balls around and that was super fun. There were 50 schools and 600 students. I really enjoyed this day because the speakers were great, funny and enjoyable. My favourite speaker was Zane Scarborough. I liked this speaker because he had a great sense of humor. He had a interesting story but still quite cool.

weekly reflection W10T1


This week was busy. On Monday we did some math I learnt how to divide numbers. On Tuesday I was adopted to room 15 with Mrs Pemberton. After school that day I had my student led conference it went really well. On Wednesday I went sailing it was super fun but then it started to rain and it got really windy, in my sailboat was Emma and I. On Thursday it was tech arts and we started our new cycle I'm in media arts Leah and I are making a mini movie and in  sewing I am making a mermaid tale.

weekly reflection W9T1


This week was very busy. To open the week we had Mr Matthews and we did some math. In math I learnt about dividing numbers. On Tuesday we had Mr Matthews again, that day the ASB guy came in a talk to us about money. On Wednesday we had Mrs N back and we started to take notes for our explanation on rocks. On Thursday we had the tech arts showcase my group displayed woodtech and art my art was incredible it looked awesome.